The Meaning Economy

A Forthcoming Book

The Meaning Economy


How meaning is transforming the economy,
and our future


A Forthcoming Book by Manuel Maqueda


The Meaning Economy is a vibrant economy that creates value around meaningful experiential interactions.

In the Meaning Economy, meaning defines value, experiences prevail over ownership, products become services, services become platforms, and traditional roles, such as producers, customers, employees, etc. often become blurred to look more like partners in the co-generation of value.

Success in the meaning economy is predicated on inciting meaningful engagement and co-creative practices around values shared by community members.


Scheduled to launch in 2019 in paperback and Kindle

About the Author

Manuel Maqueda

Manuel Maqueda

Author, The Meaning Economy

Manuel Maqueda is an international economist, thinker, entrepreneur, and activist.

Manuel has started and is involved in a variety of organizations and projects to innovate our transition to a just, wise, thriving, life-sustaining and ardent culture, such as Kumu, a California-based innovation lab and incubator for new narratives and models of economic and cultural transformation.

Manuel holds a graduate degree in Macroeconomics, and a Law degree. He is an instructor on Social Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at UC Berkeley.  Manuel consults, teaches, and lectures internationally on meaning-driven innovation and entrepreneurship.

You can find out more about Manuel Maqueda on his personal website.


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The Meaning Economy is a project Incubated by Kumu, a nonprofit innovation lab and accelerator, located in the David Brower Center, which inspires, and sustains people committed to environmental and social action.

2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: +1 415 295 KUMU

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