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Dear reader,

It is with great respect and pleasure that I greet you as I begin to share on this blog some musings, thoughts, and interviews related to my book, The Meaning Economy.

As of today the book is still a work on progress, but I thought it could be useful, inspiring, and fun, both to others and to myself, to allow people to come behind the scenes with me and participate in the process.

Writing a book, especially in this day and age of information overload, is a matter of curating, summarizing and boiling things down to a digestible and hopefully appetizing plate.  However, for those who want to enrich their experience, there is nothing like having backstage access to the garden, to the kitchen, and the to whole ecosystem of people that contributed to every ingredient and process. This is precisely what this blog is about.

One of the first offerings that I will be sharing here is an interview series called Visionaries of the Meaning Economy.  Each of the interviews offers a unique voice many different angles of the Meaning Economy. My goal is to post as many of these as possible, both as a series of podcasts and, whenever possible, videos and written excepts.  Some of these will be reposted in an abridged version on the blog of the Social Venture Network, and hopefully other blogs and websites too.

I would like to invite you as well to contribute your unique voice to the emergent richness that is raising through this work.  Please don’t hesitate to join in the discussion and offer your thoughts and comments.

Lastly I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this blog –and to all of you for your trust and support.


Manuel Maqueda

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